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My name is Yevgeniy Tokman. I was born in a very beautiful place called Tajikistan. Tajikistan one of the former Soviet Union republics. It is located in Middle Asia. I grew up in Dushanbe, the capitol of Tajikistan. Dushanbe surrounded by beautiful Pamir mountains. I graduated High School #8 located in downtown of Dushanbe in 1990. Most of my classmates are scattered all around the world from Russia to Israel and from Ukraine to US. In 1991 my family and I immigrated to US. I graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in 1997 with B.S. in Information and Decision Science (IDS). I was hired by one of the biggest insurance company in the country  as computer programmer six months before I graduated. After two years there I found another job at software developing company  in St. Louis area. While working in Amdocs I learned new computer languages, travel through out North America, and maid a lot of new friends. Unfortunately I was caught in second wave of lay offs in January 2003. Ever since then I have been looking for a right opportunity.



My favorite authors are: Lion Uris, Howard Fast, Naomi Ragen, Gloria Goldreich

My favorite Music band is The Beatles.